If you recently broke into my truck and stole a bunch of my property, including my camera and a box of my business cards, please read this notice-

The images on that camera are invaluable and irreplaceable. They include images of my last backpacking trip with my elderly dog. She is very old and I do not know if I will ever be able to go backpacking with her again. I would be eternally grateful if you at least returned the memory card from the camera. Please simply mail the memory card to PO Box 7392, Boise ID 83707 or place it in the mailbox of the house where you broke into my truck. Thank you.


Who is Anthony Photography?

We’re still trying to figure that one out.  If you know a good life coach or spiritual advisor please give us a referral!  All joking aside, we are a team of 1 head photographer (Anthony), a small armada of assistants and two mascot pooches (Jasmine & Olive).  

We are all dedicated to providing you with the most enjoyable portrait experience possible and, hopefully, the most cherished portraits you and your family will ever receive.  This is made possible through 20 years of passion for photography and dedication to creating a fun and relaxed relationship between you and the person holding the camera (99% of the time that’s Anthony, but don’t worry, he’s flea free, bathes regularly and has a decent smile!)


Where are you located?

We frequently accept portrait commissions all over the United States.  Most of the time we’re in our hometown of Boise, ID but frequently travel around the Pacific Northwest as well as the rest of the west from the Rockies to the Pacific (and occasionally east of the Rockies too).  We are also available for destination commissions anywhere around the world.


Do you offer senior portraits? How about headshots and business portraits?

Yes, we offer all three.  Each session can be custom tailored to suit your needs.  Please read below for more details.


Where do portrait sessions take place?

We come to you.  There is no place more comfortable to have your portrait taken than your own home or favorite outdoor location.  This is especially true for children and pets.  The best places to capture your family’s most memorable and genuine moments are the ones they are most relaxed in.

For those who feel most relaxed in the great outdoors, whether it's by skiing or boarding down a mountain, hiking your favorite trail, camping in the wilderness, floating through some whitewater or any of the many adventurous ways there are to "relax" in the great outdoors, we'd love to join you on your adventure and create a truly unique portrait experience. (Family adventure portrait pricing varies depending on duration and location).

Location headshots and business portraits are also available.


How long is a portrait session?

In order to create a collection of images that capture the most unique and sincere moments, we request that you allow up to 2 hours for each family and senior session.

Family adventure portrait session duration varies depending on location, travel time and type of adventure.

A business portrait session can be completed in less than 30 minutes.  

Headshot sessions vary in duration, depending on your needs.


What should we wear?

Whatever you want!  We believe that the best portraits capture the unique characteristics of each individual’s and pet's personality.  This is one more aspect of portraiture that holds especially true for children—whether wearing a favorite costume or Mom’s or Dad’s flip flops —the best portraits are created when kids are having the most fun! 

For those who prefer a more visually unified family portrait, patterns and bold colors tend to distract and draw attention.  Simple colors and fabrics, like white or black and linen, denim or khakis can produce more appealing family portraits.  Ultimately, this is one more choice that we leave to you.


Do you offer gift certificates?

Of course!  Feel free to contact us for details.


What are your portrait rates? 

All location portrait sessions (including senior portraits) start at $300.

Please visit the contact page so we can talk about custom-tailoring your portrait session.


Can I purchase, license, use, paint, copy, etc your dog nose or other images?

We are happy and flattered that so many people love this image so much. However, all Anthony Photography images, including those displayed on this site are copyrighted, are not public domain and may be used only with a completed, express, written licensing agreement from Anthony Photography.

If you would like to purchase a print or canvas reproduction of this or any other image on this site, please click on the contact button at the top of this page and let us know which image(s) you like *.

* As many images on this site are created for private clients, prints of such images are available for purchase only to the client who commissioned them. However, some images displayed on this site, such as the dog nose, were created for artistic and/or commercial purposes and are available for licensing and purchase as fine art prints. Please contact us for more information on specific images.


What about anything else I want to ask?

Please feel free to go to the contact page and send us a message or give us a call to request more info.